Koko & Konnect – 24 August 2024

Koko & Konnect – 24 August 2024

Saturday 24 August, Tickets Here

Koko & Konnect is a sensory experience created with your community in mind. In todays busy world take a moment for you to connect in a unique way. A chocolate and cacao tasting experience that applies an indigenious practise stemming from the cultivation of cacao. Learn how the kin-centric relationships in the natural world can ground us and help us understand our current environments.

We will teach you how to make your drinking chocolate from scratch. Together roasting, peeling and hand grinding the beans.

We’ll take you on a heart led journey through the Pacific Islands sharing the stories and chocolate/cacao products created by Living Koko a zero waste cacao manufacturing space based in Melbourne. The workshop will be hosted by Lolopō Phoebe Preuss who has a family lineage of over 200years of cultivating cacao in Samoa documented.

Throughout the session we will be connecting to our breath, while mindfully tasting and understanding chocolate as a plant medicine.

A workshop that fosters connection and an understanding on the many ways one can live life.

“All these ceremonies are Bulls*&t…”

“All these ceremonies are Bulls*&t…”

I have been activating  a lot of events, wellness spaces and conversations around cacao, healing and ceremony…and when I hear people in the wider community say “all these ceremonies are bullshit…” Those that have never attended ceremonies like this the word ‘listen’ comes up a lot for me. Listening to self and listening to others, listening to body and listening to country.

I  reflect on this Māori proverb

“Mā te rongo, ka mōhio;  Mā te mōhio, ka mārama, Mā te mārama, ka mātau;  Mā te mātau, ka ora.” “From listening comes knowledge;  from knowledge comes understanding, From understanding comes wisdom;  from wisdom comes well-being.”

It’s a strange fabric we have to navigate when bringing our cultural ceremonies to a consumer driven world.  I have had robust conversations with others in the chocolate/cacao industry that struggle with the idea of cacao ceremony and also those in the wellness space who want me to teach them how to run Samoan cacao and ‘Ava ceremony.  I have had customers call asking forcefully – almost ready to pounce… if our Head and heart is “ceremonial grade” and then when I ask them what that means to them – they have no answer.

Often my response is… “Yes it is…but you bring your ceremony” Our people have ceremony with cacao – the ceremony doesn’t happen when we open a packet of drinking cacao. Its starts with thousands of years of cultivation, its how we cultivate, the relationships with nature and within nature, our connection to the cosmos and the ways we harvest and drink our Koko Samoa on a daily. Its the acknowledgement of all the relationships that have supporting this cacaos growth and now our own.

And for cultural ceremonies there are things we will share and things we won’t and can’t. Sometimes the explanation of the importance of ceremony is lost due to the unaware spaces we are speaking it into.

We live in cities, in concrete jungles consumed by the mundane and the superficial, and it can be easier and partly because we are in survival mode that we miss the profound beauty and deeper meaning woven into the fabric of life. We remain blind to the subtle ceremonies that unfold in everyday moments, where presence and mindfulness reveal the sacred in the ordinary. Without awakening to this inner vision, we forfeit the chance to experience life’s true essence and the profound connections that ceremonies, whether cacao or kava (or whatever you create ceremony with) can symbolise. For example our ‘ava traditional ritual, involving the preparation and sharing of the kava drink, is a cornerstone of Samoan identity, bringing our people together to honour our ancestors and maintain cultural continuity. Participating in the Ava ceremony, we not only preserve our rich heritage but also reinforce our social bonds and communal values. Each action, movement and word spoken during this ceremony comes with deep intention and generations of deep relationship with country and land.  To learn the intention with each movement would not penetrate with the depth needed to keep this sacred – and when sharing it, people will only hear what resonates with them. For us the intention behind creating ceremony for our wider community is to help bring the presence into a chaotic world.  To bring the depth into the small actions we do each day.  To remind ourselves to see our own special purpose and pathway and to leave with softness and grace to manage what lies ahead.  Softening ourselves and our lens through ritual can support our healing journey and our families healing.

Wahine Toa
Koko & Konnect

Koko & Konnect

We would like you to join us for “Koko & Konnect” – 29 June 2024 – Tickets here

Koko & Konnect is a sensory experience created by Living Koko. A chocolate and cacao tasting event with more depth and understanding of where our cacao comes from.
We will  teach you how to make your drinking chocolate from scratch. Together roasting, peeling and hand grinding the beans.

We will take you on a heart led journey through the Pacific Islands sharing the stories of cacao from our homelands and our indigneous cultivation practises that are still used today. Sampling a variety of chocolate/cacao products created by Living Koko, a zero waste cacao manufacturing space based in Melbourne that has a family lineage from over 200years of cultivating cacao and exporting from Samoa. We will also take some time too gently check in with ourselves, connect with our breath, while mindfully tasting and understanding chocolate as a plant medicine.

Join us for a night of cacao, connection and deeper understanding on fa’a Samoa (the Samoan way of life)

Date: 29 June 2024
Time : 7.00pm – 8.30pm
Venue: Living Koko


It’s Bobby Alu Week!

It’s Bobby Alu Week!

Our brother Bobby Alu is comin’ in for a jam this Sunday.

And in other exciting news our mums are joining us. Yip my Queen aka mum and Bobby’s mum are going to join us for a jam session at the factory. Looking forward to hanging out with those of you who grabbed tickets for our Samoan Style Breakfast this Sunday.

Check out his music here

We thought what a great opportunity to get to know the man Bobby a little better before the show – so we sent him some random questions and got back some pretty random answers haha.

What’s your real name? Charles Robert Fa’agalu Wall

If you wanted people remember you for one thing what would that be? That i was kind

How did you and the breakfast shirt guy meet? Honestly i have no idea. I think it was through music. But i also think we summoned each other somehow

If you were an animal what would it be and why? i would be either a turtle or a tiger. I like to take it slow but i also like to bring the fire

What’s your favourite breakfast? last night’s leftovers or a doughnut

If you had 3 days to live what would you do? I would spend the time with my family & friends. I would eat all my favourite foods. I would do one last show at sunset on the beach.

To also celebrate Bobby, his music and our queen mothers we are offering you 15% off storewide.

Use the code Bobby15 at checkout and celebrate our fams coming together.  ❤️ SHOP NOW!

Pasifika Movement & Cacao – Masina Atoa (Full Moon) 23 April

Pasifika Movement & Cacao – Masina Atoa (Full Moon) 23 April

Pasifika Movement & Cacao – $25 + BF – Tickets here

“April brings a powerful alignment of planets and energy. How to navigate this cosmic terrain? Control what’s in your hands, and let the universe do the rest.”

Can you give 2hrs of your month to help ground your energy and realign you. To help remind you of the best version of yourself?

We invite all women, men, non-binary peoples and those connecting to feminime energy to join us in an evening of Pasifika Movement & Intentional Cacao. Pasifika Indigenous Dance movements help to nurture us at a fundamentally grounding level.

In Samoa, Koko (Cacao ) is offered to deepen social connection.

We invite you to come experience:

🤍 Koko reflections on gafa (genealogy) and malaga (journey)

🤍 Understanding le masina (the full moon)

🤍 Te ha ~ Breath work

🤍 Collective story telling through movement

Moving together as one recognising our position within an eco-system and opening ourselves to kincentric ecologies and cyclical rhythms of our moon.

(Pasifika movements, language and frameworks drawn from different parts of Polynesia; Ori Tahiti, Hawaii & Samoa)

This is an outdoor event, if there is heavy rain it will be cancelled and full refunds distributed.

Light rain we will still go ahead.

Bring water bottle, pareo (sarong), and cup for cacao drink after clas

What do you offer this Easter?

What do you offer this Easter?

Easter holds diverse meanings for people around the world, deeply rooted in religious, cultural, and personal significance. It symbolizes hope, redemption, and the promise of new beginnings.

Beyond its religious connotations, Easter has evolved into a celebration of rebirth and renewal in many cultures. It marks the arrival of spring, a time of growth and rejuvenation in nature, signifying the end of winter’s dormancy and the start of brighter days. This aspect of Easter is often associated with themes of fertility, abundance, and the cycles of life. (hence the eggs and bunnies)

Many are unaware that the word “Easter” is derived from the Old English word “Ēastre” or “Ēostre,” which itself originates from the Proto-Germanic “Austrǭ,” meaning “dawn” or “east.” This term was associated with a pagan festival dedicated to Eostre, a Germanic goddess of spring and fertility. The Easter festival was held after the Paschal Moon (aka the egg moon) The full moon which occurs on the 14th day of the lunar month that occurs on or after March 21, its not in the shape of an egg (it would be cool if it was) but Its name is to acknowledge again the Northern Hemisphere themes of spring and fertility.

Interesting all this information for those of us who live in the Southern hemisphere – moving into slower, colder months – watching the other side of the life cycle. Leaves turning brown, the cooler days and losing the light of day earlier.

This is always a good time to share and connect with those you love.  To intentionally call out how you want to move through these cooler months.  I want to tune into the slowness of my system and really honour my body.
I have learnt that when we ignore the rest our body craves we can become reactive, and have an unstable mind.  One that easily descends into a place of judgement and darkness.
Be mindful on what you are feeding your mind and who (or what) you are bringing into your sphere.  There is a beautiful quote from Lao Tzu which sums up this mindfulness – to ensure what we resurrect is of good substance and not of unhealed pain.

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

Alofa Atu

Lolopo Fipe Preuss x