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Living Koko creates small-batch indulgent yet healthy food, beverage and body care products – all made from ethically sourced organic cacao (“koko”).  

We collaborate directly with small-plot farmers in Samoa and other Pacific Islands to use only the richest and purest cacao for our vegan, allergy safe and gluten-free products.

As Australia’s biggest importers of Samoan koko, we are grounded in a rich tradition of using the superfood cacao to nourish and treat the body inside and out.

Our products are lovingly handmade and dispatched in Melbourne, Australia, and we work with Pacific Island communities to develop and sustain their own economies through fair-trade cacao export and production.

From seed to community, the food systems that bring our products to you are owned and run by the indigenous people of Samoa, who have been growing koko for centuries. Together, we focus on a shared values approach on our food systems, ensuring everyone connected with the beans is empowered.

Koko Smooth Body products

Our Mission

We seek to empower our communities in Victoria and Australia, and in the Pacific Islands, through fair, ethical trade and in sharing our ancestorial cultivated cacao to the wider community.
We support ecologically sound and sustainable methods of farming and production.
We seek to both create and support opportunities for Pacific Island domestic plot farming communities.
Our products are designed for health and wellbeing, for both your mind, body and soul.


No guilt here! Our rich and decadent range of dark chocolate blocks showcase cacao in its most enticing form, with no nasties. Vegan, allergy safe and completely free from preservatives, artificial ingredients, or additional oils or cacao butter, the Living Koko range of chocolate honours the true flavours of our single-origin hand-picked cacao beans. From pure 70% and 80% dark chocolate to rum, coffee and cacao nib blends, each of our offerings is sure to thrill even the most diehard chocoholic.

Drinking cacao “koko”

Drinking koko is central to community and culture in Samoa and many other Pacific Islands, as well as indigenous communities in Central and South America.  In Samoa, rarely would you spend time with family and friends without sharing a cup of koko together, as it signifies and fosters connection and conversation. Our drinking cacao range includes unique blends with peppermint, chilli and even kava. Drinking cacao is a perfect to kick-start your morning whether as a substitute for or alongside coffee, or as a way to calm, ground and centre yourself at bedtime or any time throughout the day. Drinking cacao is also used in spiritual ceremony as it is known to have heart-opening and chakra-aligning properties, in addition to high levels of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.


The versatility of cacao is endless, and to showcase this we have created three teas using the husks from the cacao bean. Enjoy the flavours of cacao with coconut and vanilla, green tea and ginger, or just on its own in the original blend. Our teas pair well with other tea types and flavours, delivering light earthy tones and that familiar chocolate aroma. Our cacao husk teas are also part of our commitment to operating as a no-waste company.


In collaboration with Victorian brewery Brewicolo, we bring you a delicious non-alcoholic cacao beer, Penina. Penina is a refreshing and complex amber ale, with notes of bitter Victorian hops, tropical fruits, and delicious Samoan cacao. Named after the Samoan word for pearl, Penina honours both the cacao plant and the ties the Samoan communities have to the moana – the ocean. Penina amber ale is all about enjoying life while being funky, not drunky!

Koko Smooth skin care

Cacao’s ability to nourish doesn’t end with inside the body, it’s just as good for your skin as well. The Koko Smooth skin care range includes a cacao husk body scrub, Chocolate Hydrating Mask, Chocolate Dust and Face Serum. These products combine the lush and restorative properties of cacao with other traditional and trusted ingredients such as Samoan Fetau, Coconut, and Australian tea tree oils.

Nibs and Beans

As Australia’s largest importer of Samoan cacao, Living Koko is pleased to offer koko in its purest form as cacao nibs and beans. Perfect for those who want to create their own cacao products or just want pure cacao of the highest quality. Living Koko beans are fermented for five days, sun dried for seven days  and roasted at traditional temperatures to bring out the richest koko flavours.

Gift packs

Give the gift of koko indulgence and relaxation with our gift packs. Our range of curated packs feature our most popular products to treat body and soul, inside and out. Our selections of chocolate, beverage, body care and other treasures are designed to complement each other, giving you the full Living Koko experience.

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Living Koko acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we are based on, Narrm (Melbourne); the Wurundjeri and neighbouring Boonwurrung Peoples of the Kulin Nation, Australia. We pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging. Sovereignty was never ceded.

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