Saturday 24 August, Tickets Here

Koko & Konnect is a sensory experience created with your community in mind. In todays busy world take a moment for you to connect in a unique way. A chocolate and cacao tasting experience that applies an indigenious practise stemming from the cultivation of cacao. Learn how the kin-centric relationships in the natural world can ground us and help us understand our current environments.

We will teach you how to make your drinking chocolate from scratch. Together roasting, peeling and hand grinding the beans.

We’ll take you on a heart led journey through the Pacific Islands sharing the stories and chocolate/cacao products created by Living Koko a zero waste cacao manufacturing space based in Melbourne. The workshop will be hosted by Lolopō Phoebe Preuss who has a family lineage of over 200years of cultivating cacao in Samoa documented.

Throughout the session we will be connecting to our breath, while mindfully tasting and understanding chocolate as a plant medicine.

A workshop that fosters connection and an understanding on the many ways one can live life.