20.04.23 Little Food Festival combines education, exploration, creativity and fun to help kids re-imagine what the future could look like for them, their families and communities, and the planet.  An opportunity to plant seedlings, learn about bush food, get crafty and prepare nutritious meals. The festival is held yearly at Fed Square and produced by Foot Print events group.

Living Koko was invited to share about cacao (of course lol), so we created a show that acknowledged all the elements a farmer needs to be aware of to support the growth of their cacao.  Our team Alana Togiatomai, Audrey Moala and myself came together to share our love of our Pacific Island culture and the importance of knowing the gafa (geneology) of our foods.

We started with our acknowledgement of country sung in Samoan. An easy sing-a-long song performed on the uke and with a chorus of young people singing along.  This warmed us all up, including Alana and I on stage.  Lets just say Fed square stage feels bigger when you’re on it facing a huge audience.  ekkk!

We then questioned the kids and together found the natural elements that would support the growth of our cacao seed.  We recognised the importance of the stars and cosmos, the sun and her rays, the water provided by the rain and lastly the fanua, the land and her nutrients.  Adding a motion to each element together we created a Pasifika inspired dance that ended with the growth of our cacao tree.

The kids danced along showing us how they would represent the sun and the rain. Its was really special.

We feel these spaces are important especially as our young are growing up disconnected to the land that grows their food.  At Living Koko we believe the deeper your connection to how your food is grown the deeper your connection to how your food grows you. 🙂

The Little Food Festival is held every year and there is rumour it maybe a 3 day event next year – keep an eye out for it and spend some time with your kids reconnecting to yourself through good food practises.


Big thank you to @sandrodemaiofoundation @fed.square, @monash_education, @cityofmelbourne and @aiavitalityaus.

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