I have heard the saying “ignorance is bliss”…but in my cultural upbringing I have seen ignorance create the most intensely embarrassing situations for a family and for business both situations difficult for others to forget and credibility impacted.

It is easy to turn away from those experiencing things you don’t understand.  It is easy to create a framework that only takes into consideration one way of thinking and in a business world that has a dominate culture of capitalism along with a pretty healthy ego it is easier to be complacent and  value transactions more than relationships. We can fail to recognise other governance forms and social currencies that better serve indigenous communities.

So in a world ruled by monetary transactions how does a heart led global indigenous businesses explain the social capital that comes from working within and for the benefit of their community.  The endless hours of community consultation to ensure its a shared valued approach and everyone along the supply chain feels honoured.

How do we acknowledge in the “tick the box western business focussed scenarios” the governance of elders groups that support us.  They are not our board members, they are not our shareholders – but they help steer our va’a (canoe), provide us with Mana (support/strength) and remind us of the cultural values we must uphold.

A little while ago Glen and I had the opportunity to talk to Michelle Sutherland – founder of Definitii.co an organisation that assists business to complete the B-Corp Certification about our current journey with B-Corp and why we are still B-Corp pending – hit the link to listen to our B-Corp Journey so far.

Alofa atu, Fipe & Glen