“In any direct light we can cast a shadow.”

Talofa lava beautiful Wahine! (**womxn)

Welcome to Wahine Toa o te PoStrong Women of the night  (SECURE YOUR PLACE HERE)

Wahine Toa is an evening into night retreat, to journey through the illumination of our shadows. Shadow work helps us have a deeper and more authentic relationship with ourselves and the world.

This year 2024 is about stepping into your true power, with grace and alofa for yourself. To truly love yourself you must grow your self-awareness and understanding.

Wahine Toa o te Po brings us together to help reflect on what is hidden in our shadows – reflecting safely and without judgement. To make room for us to grow.

Our ‘ava (kava) ceremony will help bring our minds and bodies into a grounded space. This medicine that can help soften our lens on self and community.

Together we will also create our own koko samoa ceremonial cacao, from roasting and pounding to create the paste to drink. Each step brought forward in ceremony with collective movements and chant.

Lalaga (the weaving space)

In this evening event we will be creating a weaving of indigenous practises and ceremony.

We use breathwork techniques help us face unexpressed emotions, to move through the resistance and ground ourselves. Making more room for who we truly want to be. Taking radical responsibly for the path we want to create.

* *womxn is a gender and non binary inclusive event activated to support and guide those that connect with feminine energy.

NB: Dinner and refreshments are included in this event.


ALEESHA – (MAORI) – FOUNDER OF EARTH WAHINE – Soul coach, focuses on womens empowerment, Reiki and Breathwork facilitator, Space Holder, womens circle faciliator

FIPE – (SAMOA) – CO FOUNDER OF LIVING KOKO – Community Cultural Development Practitioner, Polynesian Dancer, Fire Performer, Space Holder and Koko creative with family deep rooted connections to cacao.