Our brother Bobby Alu is comin’ in for a jam this Sunday.

And in other exciting news our mums are joining us. Yip my Queen aka mum and Bobby’s mum are going to join us for a jam session at the factory. Looking forward to hanging out with those of you who grabbed tickets for our Samoan Style Breakfast this Sunday.

Check out his music here

We thought what a great opportunity to get to know the man Bobby a little better before the show – so we sent him some random questions and got back some pretty random answers haha.

What’s your real name? Charles Robert Fa’agalu Wall

If you wanted people remember you for one thing what would that be? That i was kind

How did you and the breakfast shirt guy meet? Honestly i have no idea. I think it was through music. But i also think we summoned each other somehow

If you were an animal what would it be and why? i would be either a turtle or a tiger. I like to take it slow but i also like to bring the fire

What’s your favourite breakfast? last night’s leftovers or a doughnut

If you had 3 days to live what would you do? I would spend the time with my family & friends. I would eat all my favourite foods. I would do one last show at sunset on the beach.

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