Cacao Creatives Space

We use all components of the cacao bean to create a variety of bean to bar chocolates, cacao husk teas and cacao husk dust for our Koko Smooth Skincare range.

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Our Interview with ABC International

Watch video interview with ABC International about co-owners Phoebe's ancestral journey with cacao.

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Our Story

We are working towards creating markets for premium Pacific Island products that support and empower domestic village economies.

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Living Koko Products

What We Create

At Living Koko we create small batch guilt-free indulgence with our bespoke and organic cacao products, made of the richest cacao beans from the Samoan Islands.

Living Koko Community

Why We Do It

We want to empower our communities here and in the Pacific Islands through fair, ethical trade. Connecting you to the best cacao in the world to you. We want to support ecologically sound and sustainable methods of farming and do this with Savaii Koko in Samoa.

Living Koko Pod

What Is Important to Us

The whakapapa (genealogy) of our food is important. We believe we need to have deeper conversations around indigenous foods, bio dynamic cultivations and cultural health systems.

Featured Posts

Watch Living Koko talk about the Bean to Bar Chocolate making process in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. The Sunshine Silos Projection Festival was a free one day event celebrating the arts, Sunshine's rich industrial history and cultural diversity.

Click here to listen to Phoebe Preuss tell a story of place, connection, memories of home... starting with a cacao bean.

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