Blind Spots within the BCorp Journey

Blind Spots within the BCorp Journey

I have heard the saying “ignorance is bliss”…but in my cultural upbringing I have seen ignorance create the most intensely embarrassing situations for a family and for business both situations difficult for others to forget and credibility impacted.

It is easy to turn away from those experiencing things you don’t understand.  It is easy to create a framework that only takes into consideration one way of thinking and in a business world that has a dominate culture of capitalism along with a pretty healthy ego it is easier to be complacent and  value transactions more than relationships. We can fail to recognise other governance forms and social currencies that better serve indigenous communities.

So in a world ruled by monetary transactions how does a heart led global indigenous businesses explain the social capital that comes from working within and for the benefit of their community.  The endless hours of community consultation to ensure its a shared valued approach and everyone along the supply chain feels honoured.

How do we acknowledge in the “tick the box western business focussed scenarios” the governance of elders groups that support us.  They are not our board members, they are not our shareholders – but they help steer our va’a (canoe), provide us with Mana (support/strength) and remind us of the cultural values we must uphold.

A little while ago Glen and I had the opportunity to talk to Michelle Sutherland – founder of an organisation that assists business to complete the B-Corp Certification about our current journey with B-Corp and why we are still B-Corp pending – hit the link to listen to our B-Corp Journey so far.

Alofa atu, Fipe & Glen

WAHINE TOA – A womens strength

WAHINE TOA – A womens strength

Saturday 19 Aug, 10am – more info and tickets here

‘WAHINE TOA’ is a womxn’s** day retreat, reconnecting with self, and sisterhood supported by Pasifika and Maori indigenous knowledge and plant medicine.

After moving slowly through the winter months ‘WAHINE TOA’ brings us together to help clear out the stagnation of winter.

Nga wai purea (the sacred waters) the life source within all of us this retreat is created to replenish ourselves and re-ignited our inner fires in a safe and nurturing space.

Our traditional tongan kava ceremony will introduce our wahine sisters to the grounded elevation of our Pasifika Indigenous practises. “Kava Kuo Heka”: the Tongan plant medicine Kava and “Koko Samoa” Samoan cacao plant medicine will be a featured peace elixir for our wahine. Brought forward in ceremony with collective movement and chant. We bring forth the awareness of our movement of energies to help prepare our circle to deep connection to self with Aro-ha (love).

ARO (Attention too)

HA (the breath) with deep meditation.A full day event to ignite your inner strength.

(Together we will honour and respect the land, each other and ourselves with Tongan Kava & Ceremony Pasifika Movement, Breathwork and meditation, Delicious vegan food and Our favourite Koko (Cacao)

**womxn is a gender and non binary inclusive event activated to support and guide those that connect with feminine energy.



JULY 22 – Northcote – 1pm – tickets and info here

MATARIKI – The eyes of our chiefs

Matariki – Māori

Mata’ali’i – Samoa

Mataliki – Tonga

Join us on a journey home to the heart as we celebrate our Pāsifika (Pacific island) medicines under the sacred star alignment MATARIKI. Through ceremony we share knowledge, wisdom and traditional plant medicines that have opened the hearts and minds of our indigenous brothers and sisters since the beginning of time.

This alignment of astrological significance and sacred medicines will create a potent portal for the expansion of self. The ceremony will give space for growth, learning and understanding of our cultures and medicines.

This safe space will be supported with, breath, play, Pāsifika movement and meditation then move into dance and connection. Facilitated by our Pāsifika collective.

Matariki (The Eyes of our Chiefs) sends us messages about natural resources on earth and reminds us of the interconnectedness of all things, from cosmos to aiga (family) and the importance of our community. Matariki occurs at the rise of the pleiades star cluster (the seven sisters). This traditionally marks the start of the new year in Māori culture and is also a time of great travel through the Pacific Islands. It is a time for reflecting on the past year and setting intentions for the future, with a focus on personal growth and community wellbeing. This is also a time for honouring ancestors and cultural practices.

This year our Matariki celebration also aligns with the opening energies of the lions gate portal, this is when Orion’s belt and the star constellation Sirius aligns with the pyramids of giza bringing forth a time of great spiritual rising, a time to receive wisdom and knowledge.

(Please note this is an all genders and non-binary peoples inclusive event, and all participants must be 16years and over to part take)

Medicinal Offerings: “Kava Kuo Heka” the Tongan plant medicine Kava and “Samoan Koko (Cacao)” the Samoan Cacao medicine will be the featured elixir at MATARIKI.

Kava, known for its relaxing remedy, is a potent medicinal plant that grounds our energy into our bodies. Participants will be apart of a traditional Kava ceremony, a community circle that has been practised in the Pacific for thousands of years and still practised today.

Ormus (Monoatomic Gold)In ancient Egypt an elixir was made to make one immortal, this elixir was only for the high priests and it was the drink of the gods.

Alchemised under full moons and imprinted with the highest of frequencies this Ormus is here to guide you home.This unique mineral supplement Ormus elevates consciousness and is said to repair DNA and decalcify the pineal gland bringing about heightened states of awareness.  

Facilitators: FIPE – (SAMOA) – CO FOUNDER OF LIVING KOKO – Community Cultural Development Practitioner, Polynesian Dancer, Fire Performer, Ceremony & Space Holder and Koko creative with family deep rooted connections to Samoan cacao. The cacao used for this ceremony has been cultivated on her ancestral custodial lands.

AUDREY – (TONGAN) – FOUNDER OF DANIELS DAUGHTERS – Community Leader, Tou’a, Kava Mover & Shaker. Activates intentional spaces of melino (calmness) with high vibrations. Kava runs in the blood of her family, of her ancestors. The kava to be used in ceremony has been cultivated on her ancestral custodial lands. Malo ho’o fie kaunga ‘ofa mo laumalie ‘i he Kava Thank you for partaking in the love and spirit of Kava

DENNIS – (MAORI) – FOUNDER OF AWAKENED WARRIOR – Space Holder, Reiki Master, Past/After life Regression facilitator and a yoga, breathwork facilitator, kriya (kundalini) and meditation instructor. Dennis creates the medicine used in this ceremony Dragon Omus._________  


What you need to know: *Arrive early as ceremony will begin at 1pm sharp. *Bring a yoga mat (seats are also provided). * Please wear comfortable clothing * Please bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated * Abstain from food and liquids 1 hours prior if possible *

This is a powerful ceremony and will not align if you are affected by the following: -Pregnancy -Heart conditions -Medication for mental health –

Photos and video will be taken on the day, please advise if you do not wish to participate. -Please contact us if you have any questions.

Little Food Festival – Making healthy food fun

Little Food Festival – Making healthy food fun

20.04.23 Little Food Festival combines education, exploration, creativity and fun to help kids re-imagine what the future could look like for them, their families and communities, and the planet.  An opportunity to plant seedlings, learn about bush food, get crafty and prepare nutritious meals. The festival is held yearly at Fed Square and produced by Foot Print events group.

Living Koko was invited to share about cacao (of course lol), so we created a show that acknowledged all the elements a farmer needs to be aware of to support the growth of their cacao.  Our team Alana Togiatomai, Audrey Moala and myself came together to share our love of our Pacific Island culture and the importance of knowing the gafa (geneology) of our foods.

We started with our acknowledgement of country sung in Samoan. An easy sing-a-long song performed on the uke and with a chorus of young people singing along.  This warmed us all up, including Alana and I on stage.  Lets just say Fed square stage feels bigger when you’re on it facing a huge audience.  ekkk!

We then questioned the kids and together found the natural elements that would support the growth of our cacao seed.  We recognised the importance of the stars and cosmos, the sun and her rays, the water provided by the rain and lastly the fanua, the land and her nutrients.  Adding a motion to each element together we created a Pasifika inspired dance that ended with the growth of our cacao tree.

The kids danced along showing us how they would represent the sun and the rain. Its was really special.

We feel these spaces are important especially as our young are growing up disconnected to the land that grows their food.  At Living Koko we believe the deeper your connection to how your food is grown the deeper your connection to how your food grows you. 🙂

The Little Food Festival is held every year and there is rumour it maybe a 3 day event next year – keep an eye out for it and spend some time with your kids reconnecting to yourself through good food practises.


Big thank you to @sandrodemaiofoundation @fed.square, @monash_education, @cityofmelbourne and @aiavitalityaus.

Living Koko Cacao Chocolate
Ethical chocolate
Living Koko Dark Chocolate
Ke ēwe hanau o ka ‘āina

Ke ēwe hanau o ka ‘āina

 A few months ago we were asked to be part of the creative development team of Global Indigenous Runway’s  ‘My spirit, my country’, an event held on Wadawurrung country as part of Melbourne Fashion Festival. Founder and Director Tina Waru and her team create a culturally diverse and safe platform for global indigenous creatives looking for entry into the Melboune Fashion Festival platform. 

Local Indigenous Creatives set the scene of the runway and drew us all in with their captivating aesthetic and performances while more than 40 Indigenous young people strutted their newfound confidence on the runway as they modelled with pride after a week training course run by the Global Indigenous team. An additional surprise was that for the first time a group of local mature aged Aboriginal models joined the First Nation models making up the largest contingency of First Nations models to model for any fashion festival.  We were asked to bring a Pacific flavour to ‘My spirit, My Country’. We were humbled, energetically charged and grateful calling apon all our mana (spiritual potency/strength) to represent through our performance.

Ke ēwe hānau
O ka ‘āina ~ The lineage born of the land

Ke ēwe hānau o ka ‘āina – Was the name of our performance piece. Bringing together Samoan, Tongan and Hawaiian reflections of our connection and vā (distance/space/relational space) to our country and spirit. 

I often say during our tours of Living Koko that “this koko was raised on the blood of our ancestors” and though many ears may hear those words, the deep meaning and feeling doesn’t always penetrate through.  These words are as literal as they are poetic.  As Samoans who grew up pounding beans freshly roasted on an open fire, with the grave stones of our loved ones next to the fronts doors of our homes – we know first hand the connection, the time and the alofa (love) that feeds into the kinships that connect us to our custodial lands.  Kinships with aiga (family) and nature.

O tatou tuaa o lo’o lagomau I tatou lau eleele, ua alai ona ola lau usiusi laufanua ma o lo’o soifua o latou agaga e le aunoa i totonu o tatou.  Our ancestors bodies nourish our lands and their spirits lives on within us.

For Living Koko to be blessed with an opportuntiy to support the creation of My spirit My country meant so much.  We approached Audrey Moala (Tonga) and Noelani Le Nevez (Hawaii) to join us as we activated a space that acknowledged the journeys of all our ancestors. A gentle reflection – reminding us all to ask the question “what kind of ancestor are you choosing to be?” as your motions now nourish the lands, people, surroundings and as your spirit will live on within them. 

For a moment we wanted to remove the day to day challenges and choose to connect body to spirit (movements to values) and spirit to country. (values to fanua country)

Soon after the event it was announced that GLOBAL INDIGENOUS CO WINS TWO GOLD AWARDS in NEW YORK.

GIR was crowned as a 2023 MUSE Creative Awards Gold Winner with the Event – Cultural Event Category and a Gold Winner in the Event – Other Event Category for our Global Indigenous Runway – My Spirit, My Country! Yes, that’s correct they won two categories and receive two gold MUSE Creative trophies. Winning a gold in the MUSE Creative Awards in New York, USA is the same as winning an OSCAR in the creative industries.
The top creatives and advertising industries are recognised in this international MUSE Awards Program, which was created by the International Awards Associate (IAA) in 2015. IAA’s inception was based on a mission to honor, promote and encourage creativity by providing a new standard of excellence for evaluating media design production and distribution.
We are so grateful to be trusted to activate with Global Indigenous and to bring our stories to life. As a Community Cultural Development Pract. being able to see first hand the incredible amount of work and time that goes into GIR it would be difficult to measure the social capital and ripple effect this event has on not only the audience but the young first time models and global indigenous community.  Tina and the team at GIR are so deserving of these awards and more.

Alofa atu, Global Indigenous Runway – appreciate your trust in us.

Facebook: MUSE Awards, Global Indigenous Runway
Instagram: MUSE Awards, @globalindigenousrunway, @tinawaru



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11.02.23 ~ Good Juju Festival – Prahran Square

11.02.23 ~ Good Juju Festival – Prahran Square

We are excited to be taking part of the very first Good Juju Festival, to be held at Prahran Square, Saturday 11 Feb 9am – 4pm.

Wanna be the first to try Penina??

We’ll be bringing Penina to @goodjujufestival festival this Saturday with our non-alch Koko and Kava bar.

See you at Prahran Square this Saturday 9-4pm.

Be the funky not drunky life of the party. With our Samoan Koko Penina.

We are launching online and wholesales 3.3.23 in celebration of our KOKO KALAPU bar at MIKÕKO with Remuse Designs.


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