Lafi7 lives on

On our visit to Ioane and Teu Paulo's farm Ioane shared that he had nurtured one of the famous Lafi7 trees here on his farm.

Lafi7 is a strand of cacao bean that was created by Laulu Sesole John Stanley (my Papa) whilst working as Assistant General Manager of WSTEC.  During the height of the German administration of Samoa over a hundred years ago, Lafi was part of the expansive Deutsche-Handels-und-Plantagen-Gesellschaft (DHPG) farm that once boasted of owning up to one-sixth of Samoa’s total land area.

Together we walked through his plantation in search of the tree.  A beautiful solid low lying tree obviously planted by cuttings and alive because of papa.

Mum and I teared up.

A coming together of minds…

Day 3: in Samoa and we are off to meet the Adimaimalaga Tafuna’i co-founder and the executive director of Women in Business Development Inc (WIBDI) and Alberta Vitale,  Associate Director - Programmes.  WIBDI is an inspiring organisation that is dedicated to strengthening village economies in Samoa in ways that honour indigenous tradition, use traditional and modern technology, and promote fair trade.

Our meeting left us feeling very excited about what markets and interest we could bring forth from Australia. Within 24hrs they had organsied us a number of site visits on Apolu and Savaii. An opportunity for us to meet the farmers and understand their farming methods and where we could work with them.